{{'Welcome to use'| translate}} WATERHOLE

{{'Buy bitcoin from a local market broker? Do you want international trade? Innovative financial technology application Waterhole to this end.'| translate}}

{{'Full-featured social networking, wallet and escrow contract services'| translate}}

{{'Scalable & Secure & Convenient'| translate}}

{{"Waterhole's security system is completely self-developed. It dynamically encrypts all the user's communication and media files and randomly stores them in different cloud backends (such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud)"| translate}}

{{'The purpose is to better ensure data security and prevent intrusion'| translate}}

{{"Users' digital currencies are diversified and stored off-line in several cold wallets, and like many successful exchanges, Waterhole uses algorithms to perform real-time manual audits on triggered suspicious withdrawals"| translate}}

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